Jay Mulhollands artistic practice is characterised by observations on nature & technology, and the concept of permanence. Jays work attempts to illustrate the intangible mutation that happens when information is stored and preserved, and the exponential relationship between investment & value. Jay draws inspiration from writers such as James Lovelocke, Katsuhiro Otomo, Herman Hesse and Robert Pirsig.

Within his research, Jay focuses on concepts of metamodernism & futurism, cyberpunk & pagan mythology, and the fusion of eastern & western spiritual practices.

Jay Mulholland graduated from Manchester School of Art (2019) and has exhibited at Major Manchester Art Galleries & Studios. He was selected for an artist residency on the island of Nisyros, Greece which culminated in an exhibition at the Nisyros Archeological Museum. 

He was selected for the Castlefield Gallery Mentor Scheme which provides support for graduate artists, as well as being a member of Soft Spot Collective, which now run & curate exhibitions in the Basement Gallery Space of PS Mirabel art gallery & studios. 


'INSITE' at Nisyros Archeological Museum

'MADE IT' at Paradise Works

'Life is Elsewhere' at the Natwest Bank in Withington

'Awe For Aweful' at PS Mirabel

'Remnants' at Islington Mill

Artist Residency:

Nisyros, Greece

26th September - 5th October 2019

Exhibition: Nisyros Archeological Museum

This residency was conducted by postgraduate students. Staying at the Loutra for 11 days, which is a protected building situated upon a geothermal spring.

We exhibited at the Archeological Museum and responded to the islands diverse cultural history and unique geological contents.