Soft Spot Collective

Soft Spot was formed by myself and 5 friends and we were graciously awarded the opportunity to run a basement gallery space in PS Mirabel, a charitable organisation that hosts artists studios and galleries in Manchester. 

We are tasked with maintaining the space and hosting exhibitions, which includes seeking out artists, curating artwork, and running workshops for artists.


"2020: Tender Feelings & Sci-Fi situations in the Future Dome"

This show manifested in two separate exhibitions that ran parallel to eachother, one physical space with sculptures and videos documenting the culture of the 2000s, and one virtual space hosted on the social sim VRChat that contained digital collages, rendered virtual women, and homebrew science fiction epics.

The aim was to make note of this new form of 'outsider art' that exists online, and in doing so, address how our understanding of 'the future' is directly linked to our present. Low resolution textures and polygons witnessed in old videogames, things we believed we would grow out of, are still the unshakeable foundation of our virtual realities. Our technology is heuristic and enables personal expression, which triggers communication, allowing us to learn about human experience.


Artist Residency:

Nisyros, Greece

26th September - 5th October 2019

Exhibition: Nisyros Archeological Museum

This residency was conducted by postgraduate students.

Nisyros is a circular volcanic Island of Greece, where the whole island is essentially built around the active volcano.

Staying at the Loutra for 11 days, which is a protected building situated upon a geothermal spring.

We exhibited at the Archeological Museum and responded to the islands diverse cultural history and unique geological contents.